Unleash Your Pet’s Style – Discover the Ultimate Collection of Pawsome Accessories at Paws and Whiskers!

Online pet accessories marketplace, Paws and Whiskers, has everything your beloved pet may require – from collars and leashes to cat trees and dog houses!

For those who are in search of a sweet treat for their canine companion, there are many options available that include bully sticks and rawhide chews. For cats, mice can be found along with other food-related goodies such as tuna or chicken snacks; while birds can enjoy peanut butter treats or seeds! If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, then try out some exotic cat foods like salmon or rabbit which can be nutritionally beneficial for felines.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone who adores their feline companion, Paws and Whiskers provides an abundance of adorable cat toys and essentials. Explore the entire collection of paw-some pet items today!

Thrown Kitty Treat Ball

If you’re looking for a way to engage your cat in playtime or simply want to provide them with an incentive to accomplish their daily tasks, then the Throw Kitty Treat Ball is a smart purchase. Designed with their wellbeing in mind, this item can be utilized for entertainment whilst also providing comfort and joyous experiences throughout their days!

This treat dispenser features a durable silicone construction that can withstand rigorous playtime without leaving any lasting marks on its surface. Its spherical shape ensures that treats remain within its enclosure; perfect for keeping kitties occupied whenever you don’t have time to interact directly with them!

Doggy Dance Mat

Can your pup really cut a rug? When you invest in one of our pet accessories, like this versatile dance mat, you can be assured that he’ll be having fun without even lifting a paw!

Once your furry friend has mastered his new moves on this durable design, throw it into the washing machine for an easy clean.

Shaggy Sheep Plush Dog Bed

Are you searching for an aesthetically pleasing bed? If so, consider purchasing this Shaggy Sheep Plush Dog Bed!

Your pet can snuggle up with a plush layer of comfort when resting on this lamb-themed model. Its regal appearance makes it ideal for any space – be sure to check out the selection of other plush dog beds in our shop!

Houndstooth Ballet Flats

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to jazz up your ensemble, consider investing in a pair of Houndstooth Ballet Flats. These dapper slip-ons are sure to make any outfit immediately remarkable!

With its bold pattern and sleek silhouette, these flats help highlight your unique style while still remaining effortlessly on-trend. With the multitude of hues available, it’s easy for anyone to find a pair that matches their current look or palette perfectly!

Butt Brush

If your beloved companion enjoys a pamper session, then this handy accessory is a must-have! The Pet Butt Brush can be utilized as both a grooming tool and a hygiene necessity; it’s also effective for removing pet Hair from furniture and floors. Even if it doesn’t appear necessary at the moment, don’t forget about this useful item – one of its advantages is that it can be utilized for more than just one purpose!

In addition to its dual functionality, it’s an ideal choice because it’s compact in size. This model is among the smallest on the market and yet provides ample reach while still being convenient to use. This product is designed with ergonomic cutouts along its sides so that users are able to obtain optimal results while maintaining maximum control over their strokes; moreover it boasts simple handling features such as buttons that allow you to easily adjust between different brush settings.

Charlie the Horse Carrier and Belly Support

Charlie, a gentle equine with an abiding passion for fashion, can be harnessed into his own equestrian travel carrier. This model provides ample room for up to four pets and their supplies, yet does not compromise on comfort; its padded walls offer a pleasant experience for all parties involved!

The Paws and Whiskers Belly Support provides added security during travels by providing ample support under your pet’s abdomen. This model features an elastic strap that locks around the rib cage while also providing additional security – an ideal solution when traveling with smaller animals like dogs or cats.

Squirrel Tossing Ball

Do you abhor the sight of squirrels climbing up trees? Are you daring enough to confront them with a devastatingly realistic ball made of fabric that resembles a treetop? This incredible accessory was designed specifically for pet owners who are not fond of these pesky creatures!

This jovial throw is ideal for outdoor playtime! Featuring a whimsical design featuring furry woodland critters playing with balls, it makes an excellent choice for uniting your beloved animals on excursions with their humans.

Bird Feeder Window Decor

Create an idyllic setting for your feathered friends with the Bird Feeder Window Decor. It’s a durable design crafted from premium-grade plastic and is guaranteed for life – perfect for keeping pests like squirrels out!

The birds will be sure to flock to this feeder window decoration, which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. With its vibrant hues and whimsical motifs it surely inspires smiles and happiness in any home; making it an ideal focal point that invites admiration from passersby as well!

Sassy Cat Hoodie and more!

Allow yourself to revel in the striking design of this classically-styled hoodie, designed with an ultra-flattering fit that makes it a true asset for your wardrobe.

With its light knit fabric and ample length for extra coverage, this hoodie is perfect for keeping you warm during chilly days; allowing you to experience maximum comfort without sacrificing style!


Don’t let your pet’s style remain stagnant! Invest in these indispensable accessories, and watch as their wardrobe becomes more sophisticated with each passing day.


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